The Warlords Opening Day Blues

After being DC'ed due to the world server going down, only to log back on to be about 600th in line to get onto the server, I got bored and started fiddling around with the old guitar.  The above is what came out...

I have had a good time in Warlords of Draenor so far, though.  I only leveled all the way to 100 once in the beta, so most of this is still relatively new to me, and there have been a lot of changes since I leveled in beta.  For one, it's taking a lot longer.  Some of that is due to server issues, and the crazy number of people trying for the same resources,  but as I moved into the level 95+ zones, I really haven't seen many people, so I'm assuming they either reduced the XP rewards, or increased the XP needed to level.

Another loss of XP, is they removed Dungeon Quests.  In past expansions, those have been used for huge chunks of experience.  So there's not really much point of doing the dungeons, other than the stories.  So far, it seems the normal dungeons, at least, are no more difficult than the dungeons in MoP were,  which I had thought was a goal of WoD.  They're basically just pull-everything-in-sight-and-AoE-it-down sorts of dungeons. I went into the first available dungeon with a healer friend who was still 91, and we got a tank who was having connection issues.  Just two levels above the dungeon's recommended level (I was 93), and I was easily able to pet tank all the trash, and I'm pretty sure I could have handled most of the bosses.  When I level my next hunter, I'm going to take some time to see how low of a level I can solo each of the dungeons.  With all mythic gear, I'm certain I could have handled Slagmines at 94 pretty easily, and probably at 93.  With some work, I'd bet someone could figure it out at 90, even.

As the main feature of this expansion, I have been working on my Garrison as I level.  I've had decent luck with followers, so I think I've got 2 epic, 4 rares and 3 regular green followers, so far.  Though I haven't gotten the most diverse followers (lots of rogues for some reason), I have been able to complete successfully every quest so far, and I've got one follower up to 96, and two followers up to 95.  As for the rest of my garrison, I'm still sitting at level 2 over all (out of 3).  In the beta, garrison resources were readily available, and I remember having to spend some because I was capped so much.  But here they've been a bit more valuable.  I, so far, have a level 2 tannery, along with a level 1 barn.  Looks like the barn is a terrible way to get leather,  but it has several other percs.  The Tannery is nice, and I've been able to keep running at fairly full capacity up until the servers shut down for maintenance this morning.

Anyhow, I'm having a great time.  There are a lot of cool stories going on, even if I'm way OP and can just burn through anything without thinking. Hopefully the maintenance time this morning gave Blizzard a chance to fix a lot of issues everyone's been having.  I know other's have had even worse luck than I, but for me, the technical issues haven't at all outweighed the fun of the new xpac. I'm excited to get into some heroic dungeons and hopefully some challenge mode dungeons this weekend.  Should be lots of great gameplay ahead.

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